Dovercourt Central Church

The Lighthouse Project for Dovercourt Central Church (Methodist/URC LEP) - Vacant and accredited in June 2015.

Dovercourt Central Church is a Local ecumenical project of the United Reformed Church and Methodist Churches, coming together with a sharing agreement in 1989 and subsequently uniting as one Church. 

The Church wants to engage and have a presence with local residents and groups. The building is ideally situated in the centre of town for easy access by people with a bus stop outside the door.  The Church is growing in number and members see the Lighthouse Project as part of their Christian outreach for sharing the Christian faith further.  The church is one of the few in the area with young people within its community who regularly meet on Sundays, at Messy Church and the Pilot group.  Their oldest young person (13 years) asked to be made a member of the Church and they were proud to do so. The Church sees itself as very much part of the community, working within it and facing challenges as they arise with positively.  Over the last few years the Church has had to learn to be self-sufficient with limited ministerial input from the denominations.

 Dovercourt Central Church is used by Alzheimer’s Society on a monthly basis and weekly by Barnardos with a Sure Start group.  The premises have also been used by ‘Extra Support for Families’ who organise courses for parents.

The Leadership team at Dovercourt have identified the following areas to be considered for outreach projects within the community: Homelessness & Isolation/ Migration into the community/ Families – young & single/ Gaming & Alcohol problems, including debt / Poverty / Schools & issues for teenagers / Carer’s / Unemployment / Elderly including loneliness.

From this, the steering group complied the following, which would incorporate many of the identified areas of concern:

  • Messy Church for 60+ to be entitled Lighthouse 60+

A day per month which will include a meal. Activities to be determined by attendees, but suggestions so far films, games, book sharing and similar. Include possible advice sessions and Guest speakers.  Transport to be considered.

  • Families – to be entitled ‘Lighthouse Families’  

A drop-in for families, whatever the make-up of that family, to build upon groups that already use the premises such as the Sure Start group and Messy Church. Including:

  1. Workshops on various topics such as healthy eating; low budget cooking; DIY.
  2. A dad’s group
  3. Clothing exchange scheme
  • Schools and teenagers – ‘Lighthouse Teens’ Suggestions so far centre around:  
  1. A drop-in venue
  2. Advice and support on offer, including career’s advice for older teens.
  3. Somewhere for older teens to go

You can find out more about this project by contacting the CRCW office by email or telephone: +44 (0)20 7916 2012. If you would like to read more about Dovercourt Central Church (URC/Meth) you can view their website here.