Building Bridges, Tonge Moor

Alison Dalton March16 WEBCRCW - Alison Dalton

The Building Bridges Project is based at The Church at the Centre, the name adopted by Tonge Moor United Reformed Church in 2006. Since 2007 (initially under the leadership of CRCW Pat Oliver) the partners in the project, the church and organisations within the neighbourhood sought to foster mutual respect and support between generations and to help develop the Centre into a hub for the community. Pat Oliver was called to Avenue St. Andrews, Southampton in December 2013. 

Since Alison joined the Building Bridges project in May 2015, the project has decided to broadened their first aim to include those of different faiths and cultures, as this reflects the changing demography of Tonge Moor.  This has led them to develop a new project, to help raise awareness of Hate Crime and to ‘celebrate the changing face of our community’.

Current aims for the Building Bridges Project: 

1. To foster mutual respect, trust, support and kindness between generations, faith and cultures

  • Aimed at countering alienation in younger people and fear in older people or those of other cultures or faiths
  • Special focus on developing community events, to celebrate the diversity of Tonge Moor 

2. To help to develop the Centre into a hub for the community

  • Promoting the café
  • Developing volunteering opportunities 

3. By working with other groups, to support community activities, addressing needs in the area 

  • e.g. Fusion, the UCAN Centre
  • Making best use of limited resources
  • Avoiding duplication/competition between partners 

4. That (by the end of the project) everyone in the local community will feel that Church at The Centre is available for them