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The ‘Together Making A Difference’ Project is in Blackburn - a former cotton mill town. It is a large industrial town with a population of over 105,000 people. The appointment of a CRCW to work with three churches in the pastorate will help each church build on their existing community connections and projects and help them to establish and develop new ones, in response to identified needs. This work will be focused on trying to reduce poverty and its negative effects on people’s lives along with other agencies.  


The aim is for the ministry to initially build links with the community on the Shadsworth Estate (close to Westbury Gardens) with the expectation that developmental work there will yield benefits that will help to inform work in other geographical areas in the town and be replicable where possible.  The residents of the Shadworth and Whitebirk Ward have been provided with Lottery Funding of around the sum of £1 million over the course of ten years to make sustainable improvements to life within the Ward. Work has already begun and the aim is to improve people's lives, in accordance with the needs of the area, focusing on helping families, adults and children in their own communities. The TMAD project work will seek to complement and make a contribution to achieving these aims.  At an appropriate and agreed time, the main focus will move to an estate in another part of town adjacent to one of the other two churches in the pastorate; i.e. the Wimberley estate near Revidge Fold and the Roe Lee estate near Trinity or vice versa. 

CRCW Mal Breeze took up the post in November 2014 and was inducted to the pastorate on 6th December. He has begun to develop projects in accordance with the above profile and is making contact with key organisations and people already working in the area to help develop partnerships that will be important to the success of the project.
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