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CRCW Pat Oliver started this post in December 2013. The project had been vacant for some time before Pat started and  therefore had some well established initiatives in place.

So what does the future hold? At Avenue St. Andrews, Pat planned to consolidate work previously instigated; such as the Avenue Family Centre, the weekly Community Cafe and initiate more local community/church relationships to support whatever needs were identified.

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CRCW - Helen Stephenson

Helen April2014 Web

CRCW Helen Stephenson took on this role in 2014, having served as the CRCW for the Grindon, Sunderland project for two terms (ending in 2013).

Consultation exercises at Roker URC and Stockton Road URC lead to developments in neighbouring streets plus City wide initiatives.  The idea of art as a therapy, art to promote wellbeing, art for community outreach and art and spirituality have emerged as key issues at Stockton Rd in partnership with other key organisations. At Roker, new initiatives have included Margaret’s Memory Cafe, the splendid IT unit in the Vestry, the monthly coffee morning and progress with the building developments. The holiday hunger sessions were well received with contact made with 30 young people. There is a new Community Interest Company called ‘Forget Me Knot’ hoping to use the upstairs room as office space as they get themselves established. They are offering to support the church with funding bids and their work and contacts should be a great asset to the church.

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JennieWEBCRCW - Jennie Crane

Northampton is the largest town in the UK and the Spring Boroughs area includes young transitory families along with those who have lived in the area all of their long life. A four year Government Neighbourhood Renewal partnership came to a close in 2010; this reduced crime (prostitution & drug related) partly through building community spirit and regeneration initiatives.

CRCW Jennie Crane has two priorities for her time, which respond to local issues and opportunities around community regeneration, housing and homelessness. One is to continue to be involved with enabling a Neighbourhood Plan to be composed with a programme to regenerate the area, a major task that will take a few years to complete. The community audit has yet to be completed but a Neighbourhood Forum now meets with a minimum of 21 local people. Improving play facilities, traffic flow through the area and repairing potholes are issues that are being addressed and local people are encouraged to seek practical action.

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CRCW - Rosie BuxtonRosie Buxton April14Web

Rosie Buxton was inducted as the CRCW for the Swansea Region of Churches in September 2011. Rosie has been working within the Region Ministry Team to build confidence and understanding of the role of church in community and develop community projects. 

Through a process of re-imagining the Swansea Region recognised the overall need to be ‘making missionary churches’ – equipping each local church to become church-in-community. The theology of the churches in the region is diverse but there is a heart to bear witness to Jesus Christ in their communities, to see people coming to faith, and to recognise and build for the Kingdom of God in our region.  

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