Chorley URC - A vacant CRCW project, accredited in October 2015.

Chorley URC is a town centre church in the hub of a large market town on the doorstep of the West Pennine Moors. Chorley URC seeks to serve both the needs of its immediate local neighbourhood and the wider community of Chorley. 

Chorley URC has a long standing commitment to the community and a number of local organisations and agencies (uniformed organisations, leisure activities, community services) already use the premises. The location and car parking availability make this an attractive place for outside organisations and Chorley URC would like to develop their premises further and improve their facilities, e.g. kitchens, access issues, for the community’s benefit.

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The Lighthouse Project for Dovercourt Central Church (Methodist/URC LEP) - Vacant and accredited in June 2015.

Dovercourt Central Church is a Local ecumenical project of the United Reformed Church and Methodist Churches, coming together with a sharing agreement in 1989 and subsequently uniting as one Church. 

The Church wants to engage and have a presence with local residents and groups. The building is ideally situated in the centre of town for easy access by people with a bus stop outside the door.  The Church is growing in number and members see the Lighthouse Project as part of their Christian outreach for sharing the Christian faith further.  The church is one of the few in the area with young people within its community who regularly meet on Sundays, at Messy Church and the Pilot group.  Their oldest young person (13 years) asked to be made a member of the Church and they were proud to do so. The Church sees itself as very much part of the community, working within it and facing challenges as they arise with positively.  Over the last few years the Church has had to learn to be self-sufficient with limited ministerial input from the denominations.

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Both churches believe that by working with a CRCW they will be able to engage in those parts of their mission statements that they wish to develop further. This will lead both churches out of their comfort zones and into areas that they feel God is calling them to.

Both churches hold to the belief that God’s love is for all and is not only to be found inside church walls, but often on the streets and in people’s homes. They believe the Spirit is alive and active in this part of Derby and want to share in work together with the Spirit addressing often unmet community needs. This will result not only in a blessing for their communities that neighbour them but also for the churches.

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Mal Breeze March16WebCRCW - Mal Breeze

The ‘Together Making A Difference’ Project is in Blackburn - a former cotton mill town. It is a large industrial town with a population of over 105,000 people. The appointment of a CRCW to work with three churches in the pastorate will help each church build on their existing community connections and projects and help them to establish and develop new ones, in response to identified needs. This work will be focused on trying to reduce poverty and its negative effects on people’s lives along with other agencies.  

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