An interesting place to be!

Luton photo web crop

Church Related Community Worker (CRCW) Karen Campbell works with the Bury Park Beech Hill Council of Churches - an ecumenical group of churches in Luton and it is a very interesting place to be.

"It is a town where some families have lived for several generations, whilst others are simply passing through. It is a town of very many colours and cultures. A town where faith really matters. It is a town where difference is widely valued and respected, but where some people seek to use difference as an excuse for hatred and division."

In this month's reflection, read about the Same Difference initiative, which explores various themes in life which make us at once the same, and yet different.

Read the full story here: Luton - An interesting place to be!

For more information about this project, visit: BPBHCC, Luton