Swansea Night Shelter by CRCW Rosie Buxton

Swansea webChurch Related Community Worker, Rosie Buxton has been a volunteer at Swansea Night Shelter since it started seven years ago and Christ Well United Reformed Church has been used as one of the venues during this time. Swansea Hope had introduced the idea to the churches in Swansea, working alongside the statuary bodies and the voluntary agencies who work with the homeless in the area.

Paul Mort, Swansea Night Shelter Manager says: “Broadly, 7 churches open up their doors at night to welcome homeless/rough sleepers who have been referred to us by agencies in the city. At each venue they receive warm and nourishing food, good company and a warm, dry and above all, safe place to sleep”.

Paul describes how useful it has been to have Rosie, with such a wealth of experience, to work with him: “Rosie has been a great example to me of showing how the church can actually have a significant impact in a community. It has also been good to work alongside someone who, whether she acknowledges or not, exhibits so many of the Fruits of the Spirit in ways which are not pompous or 'spiritual' but earthed in reality.”

You can read Rosie's full article here.

To find out more about the Swansea Night Shelter visit: http://www.parklandschurch.org.uk/swansea-night-shelter/

To view Rosie Buxton’s CRCW project in Swansea, click here.

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