Laughing for Jesus

Stand up for Jesus“The day finished with the 10 of us having a half-hour standup slot on the main stage – a few minutes each. The biggest laugh I got was when I forgot what the next gag was going to be – and that wasn't supposed to be funny!" - Vicky Longbone, a student currently in CRCW training has a great day at the Laughing for Jesus event.

Vicky joined nine other Christian leaders in attending  comedy masterclass in October. Vicky told us: “The event was fantastic – really good fun. Our day started with a welcome from [comedians] Bobby Ball and Don Maclean (both childhood heroes of mine) and was led by Bentley Browning, another very funny man! We learnt several techniques on how to bring humour into our sermons and in our conversations with others; it's not just about telling jokes."

Vicky went on to conclude: "But one of the best techniques we learnt was to be able to laugh at ourselves, so I didn't do too badly. ”I would really encourage other ministers to go on the course and learn simple but effective techniques.” For more information, visit