What is URC Youth?


ya15 signgroup 500If you are aged between 11-25 years old and are associated in any way with the United Reformed Church, then URC Youth is for you!

“Our mission is to discover God, help each other grow in the Christian faith and, through our lives, reflect God’s love to all.”

Each year, the URC  Youth Assembly brings young people from across Scotland, England and Wales together to share in fun and fellowship, as well as explore issues and topics relevant to Church, society and life through workshops, seminars, discussions and creative activity. So, what are you waiting for, get signed up here!

YE16A group of young people, known as Youth Executive, consisting of representatives from each of the URC's thirteen Synods along with others elected directly the Youth Assembly, carries out the work of the Assembly as well as doing all it can to advocate the needs, interests and views of young people in the URC.

URC Youth, as a youth-led organisation, runs its own website, where you can find all the latest news, information, useful resources and other exciting stuff. So make sure to check out the URC Youth Website and the URC Youth Facebook group.




The URC Youth Assembly Moderators are blogging about their experiences, some of the things that they are getting up to and some of their thoughts along the way. To read their blog and to find out how they are serving URC Youth in their roles, check it out here.