Stepping Out



Matthew 14:22-33

Consider this...

Peter, when he saw Jesus, stepped out from the boat and walked on the water. His trust was in Jesus. Peter got out of the boat and he did not sink. That is, until he took his eyes off Jesus. He allowed his fear of the waves and wind around him to distract him, and he started to sink.  How often do we feel that we are sinking below the waves? What distractions do we need to lay aside?

God longs for us, like Peter, to reach out in faith. As Peter sank, he called for help and Jesus reached into the water, pulling Peter from beneath the waves.  How often, when fears and anxieties crowd in on us, do we take out eyes off Jesus and feel that we are sinking?

God is always willing and ready to rescue us, to strengthen us. God is always waiting to restore us – sometimes in quite unexpected ways. Whatever fears we face, whatever challenges lie ahead of us, God knows the journeys we take, the paths we tread. God reminds us, in Peter, that, if we are willing to trust, we will always be led to safety, peace, hope, comfort, reassurance, love. Will we have the courage to step out of the boat? Will we be brave enough to keep going? Let us pray for God’s strength and resilience as we move forward, ever grateful for all that Lord does for us.


Thank you by Jesus Army

Offer this prayer...

Stepping out, faithful God, we worship you.

On outstretched arms you catch us, bringing us into security and love.

Stepping out, creator God, we worship you.
In one breath, you sent us on the great adventure of life.

Stepping out, father God, we worship you.
With an offered hand, you support us as we face the seemingly impossible.

Stepping out, loving God, we worship you.
Giving words of encouragement, you brush us down to start again when we fall.

Stepping out, faithful God, we worship you.