Let there be light...


In the hustle and bustle of shopping, wrapping, eating, drinking and meeting with friends and family, it can be very difficult to find a moment of peace at Christmas. Yet, somewhat ironically, peace is precisely what this great festival is all about!

Sometimes, we need to calm down, take a breather and focus on the things which really matter. This is especially important at this time of year, as we seek rest at the end of a busy year and seek inspiration for the fast approaching new one.

This short liturgy, adapted from the URC’s Vision4Life materials (www.vision4life.org.uk) offers a chance to take a few minutes out of their busy schedule to consider what Christmas really means. It can be used by individuals for private reflection or by groups who wish to share the experience together.


In the beginning, God allowed for chaos, for troubled dreams, uncertain sounds, and fear in the darkness. Then, when the chaos was most threatening and hope was bleakest, God said, ‘Let there be light…’

…and there was light. [a candle can be lit]

So, remember the chaos, the uncertainty, the confusion which you have experienced this year, and give thanks for the light. [Silence]


In the course of time, God allowed for a journey from ourselves to other people, from restriction to freedom, from a forgotten place to a promised land. And when the journey was hardest, and the way ahead unclear, and the temptation to turn back most alluring, God said ‘Let there be light…’

…and there was light. [a second candle can be lit]

So, remember your journey and how far you have travelled, and give thanks for the light. [Silence]


Later yet, God allowed for special things: for friendship to grow, for truth to be discovered, for faith to become real. On the mountaintop and in quiet places, God blessed us, saying, God said ‘Let there be light…’

…and there was light. [a third candle can be lit]

So remember not why, but how, when and where you’ve been blessed, and give thanks for the light. [Silence]

And then, when the light was at its brightest and life was good, despite our better judgment, humankind, including ourselves, chased shadows, choosing darkness. [candles are extinguished]

Remember times, places and reasons why you have wandered from the light. [Silence]


Because God loves us, there will be light again. Not first in chaos, not first on the journey, not first for the special place, but on the ground and in a hidden place, God will come, offering a baby’s hand to greet us. [candles are re-lit]

Lord Jesus Christ, who chose at Bethlehem to meet us, make us ready to lose and leave all that makes us proud and self-centred. Let our knees bend to you, our hearts cradle you, our lips sing you songs of love.

Bless the Lord, my soul and bless God’s holy name. Bless the Lord, my soul. He leads me into life.