Share Your Story


Read: Exodus 14 and Joshua 3

Consider this:

Picture the scene; you are a small child, an Israelite, thousands of years ago. You were born into a slave family serving the Pharaoh in Egypt, but now things are changing. A man named Moses has been sent by God to set you all free and bring you out of Egypt into the land that God has promised to give to you.

You are free. You have gathered all your belongings together and followed Moses for many miles. Now, you stand by the edge of the Red Sea, with the Egyptian army chasing behind you, coming to return you all to slavery. Fear fills your heart and mind. You begin to doubt that you will be ok.

Then Moses speaks to the people, “Do not be afraid!” he says, “Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring you today.” Simple words that seem so difficult to act on. But, you stand firm, you grip tightly to the hands around you and you wait. You watch as Moses stretches out his hands over the waters and you see them begin to tremble and shift. Then, before your very eyes, you witness the Red Sea lift high, rushing upwards and aside.

You see the great waters towering above the dry land, making a path through the sea. Soon you are part of the bustling, excited, nervous crowd who are running through the now dry land in the middle of the sea, with a wall of water on either side. You make it to the other side safely and turn to see the Egyptian army disappearing as the seas return to their rightful place.

A miracle. You saw it. You were there and you will tell the story for years to come of the day when God kept his promise and saved his people.

Fast forward around 40 years. You are now an adult who has spent many years wandering around the desert. In that time, many more have been added to the Israelite numbers. Moses has died and you have a new leader, Joshua.

Now, you find yourselves approaching another body of water. This time, it is the river Jordan. How will you all cross? Surely you have not come this far for everything to be lost? You look down to your side as, once again, you reach out to grab the hands of those around you. This time, you are looking directly into the eyes of a child. The child looks at you and you recognise the fear and doubt in her eyes.

This is your opportunity. You can either concentrate on your own emotions and concerns at this time, or you can grip her hand tightly and say “Let me tell you my story. Let me tell you of the time when God moved the waters and saved His people…”

As always, the one and only, faithful God, will not let you down. The waters of the Jordan will stop flowing the moment you try to cross, but the little girl needs your help, your guidance, your story, to help her on her way.

Remember, your story does not simply belong to you. You have the power carry it forward and to tell to others who need encouragement in their struggles. Your story of faith can bring life and hope to others, all we need do is be faithful in telling it.

What has happened in your life which might give encouragement to others? How will you share your story in ways which can help those around you?

Offer this prayer:

Lord God,

For your faithfulness to us throughout the generations, we offer thanks.

For the things that you have done for us, we offer gratitude.

For the times we have seen your hand at work in our lives, we offer praise.

Help us, always, to use every part of our story, which you have enabled us to build, whether positive or negative, happy or sad, easy or difficult, to offer comfort and support to others on their journey, building each other up in the faith as grow into the people you have created us to be.

These prayers we offer in your name and for your glory,