Five Minutes Peace

Grab a cuppa. Settle down in a comfy chair. Let yourself have 5 Minutes' Peace...
... To yourself away from the chaos of life. To relax. To reflect. To meet with God.


Read: Matthew 6: 7-13

Consider this:

How often do we find taking time to pray difficult? Sometimes even 5 minutes peace does not seem possible! Yet, even in the shortest of moments, in the most unexpected places, the peace and power of prayer can be felt immensely.

Take 5 minutes to explore the familiar words of the Lord’s Prayer through the eyes of a child.

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Read: 1 Corinthians 12: 12-31

Do This:

Place a mirror into a box facing upwards. On the lid of the box, write or place the following text. Share the box with your friends. Make sure they read the text before they look inside!

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Read: Isaiah 58:1-12

Consider this:

'In the life of the [Native American] there [is] only one inevitable duty – the duty of prayer- the daily recognition of the Unseen and Eternal. His daily devotions [are] more necessary to him than daily food. He wakes at daybreak, puts on his moccasins, and steps down to the water’s edge. Here he throws handfuls of clear, cold water into his face, or plunges in bodily. After the bath, he stands before the advancing dawn, facing the sun as it dances upon the horizon, and offers his unspoken orison.

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