Getting Creative in the South West

LucyMooreChurches in the South Western Synod have been enjoying the opportunity to learn from world-renowned international speakers Rebecca Nye and Lucy Moore.

Moore, of 'Messy Church' (pictured with 'Messy Church' mug), and Nye, of ‘Godly Play’ (also pictured), are both known for their energy and creativity, representing organisations which seek to find innovative ways of engaging with children and families, nurturing their relationships with God.

RebeccaNyeChurches already engaging with these exciting programmes have enjoyed deepening their understanding of the needs of children and families around them, allowing them to better serve their communities. Others, who are new to such initiatives, left inspired by the many great stories and examples which were shared of how new and creative ways of being Church together can make a real difference in sharing the Gospel with people who might otherwise see no place for themselves alongside followers of Jesus.


Click to find out more about Godly Play and Messy Church through their websites.