Think, Pray, Vote NOW!

ThinkPrayVoteIf the latest statistics are to be believed, it seems that only about half of 18-24 year olds are planning to vote in the impending referendum on the UK’s relationship with the European Union. With young people set to bear the brunt of whatever choice the country makes in this long-term decision, this is very concerning indeed.

URC Youth Moderator Sandy Nunn strongly encourages those who do not intend to vote to change their minds quickly. “This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to have your say. The consequences of this decision will be felt for a long time to come. It’s time to consider the future of our country seriously.’

URC Youth Moderator Elect Dan Morrell hopes that the representation and influence which young people have fought so hard to gain in the Church will encourage them to do the same in wider society. “People often think that their one vote won’t count, but together, all votes make a huge difference.”

To help people make their minds up, the Joint Public Issues Team has produced ‘Think, Pray, Vote: EU referendum resources for churches’, which addresses seven key issues, including free movement of people, peace, and the single market. It does not come down on one side of the debate or the other, but seeks to equip churches with information and biblical reflection to engage with the issues in a way that is consistent with their faith.

The United Reformed Church’s Secretary for Church and Society, Grace Pengelly, says that ‘the EU referendum debate includes many issues that are neither simple nor straightforward. Christians who want to address these issues will find this resource an excellent way to open up an informed discussion.

‘As Christians we should vote guided by an understanding of the debate and by the values of our faith. It is vital that Christians participate in the referendum debate and that we cast our votes thoughtfully, prayerfully and in the interests of the common good.’

So, whatever you do over the next few days, Pray, Think, Vote!