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This page is for all the good news stories out there worth sharing. Please do send us stories and photos of the things that you are doing (big or small) in your local church or synod, and let’s celebrate together how God is at work within our children and young people throughout the United Reformed Church.


Establishing a fair, just and compassionate society is a fundamental responsibility in the Kingdom which God calls us to build here on earth. It is not always so easy, however, to make it happen, especially given the often harsh and cruel nature of the world around us.

‘Let Justice Flow: An Introduction to Social Justice’, produced in partnership by Christian Aid, Commitment for Life, Pilots and the URC, seeks to change that.

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When he accepted an invitation to the recent Pilots Summit Meeting, in which the URC’s ecumenical, non-uniformed organisation for children and young people discussed elements of its programme, activities and future, Dan Morrell didn’t foresee the whirlwind of busyness and activity he had signed up for, especially given that it took place only one week prior to the annual URC Youth Assembly at which he subsequently found himself appointed Moderator-Elect! Dan tells us more:

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Volunteers from East Midlands and Yorkshire Synod recently gathered together at the Wilson Carlisle Centre in Sheffield for a Youth and Children’s Leaders weekend led by East Midlands CYDO, Jane Henderson, with the able assistance of Captain Sean Andrews, of the Church Army, as Chaplain.

The theme for the weekend was Treasures, the main theme which all children, young people and their leaders, across the URC, have been encouraged to consider throughout 2015.

Pilots, the ecumenical, non-uniformed organisation for children and young people run by the URC, produced worship materials on this very theme earlier this year. This great pack of resources focusses on Treasures which God gives us, treasures for us to ‘Cherish’, the treasure of His ‘Care’ for us, the treasure of ‘Christ’ and the treasure of His ‘Call’ for our lives.

Using this booklet as, the volunteers explored ideas, strategies and plans to care for and cherish the children and young people they work with, think about how youth leaders can help children and young people in their journey of faith and discern God’s calling for their own lives, both now and in the future.

Outside the formal programme, participants made the most of valuable opportunities to socialise and network with friends and colleagues, sharing thoughts and ideas, as well as keeping God at the centre of their time together with worship, led by Sean.

Lots of good connections have been built between the various churches represented and future activities are planned involving each of these communities, including another leaders’ weekend next year.

Comments from the volunteers show the value of this experience for all concerned:

‘Sharing times were the best for me, study and exploring our faith and how we support our children and young people’

‘loved the weekend, spending time with like-minded Christians, learning together’

‘very nice to have a small group to get to know people better…enjoy social time…be spiritually fed and challenged.’

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