Resources from the Joint Public Issues Team

As part of the Joint Public Issues Team, our work involves the preparation of shared resources.  Go to the website for briefings, campaigns, consultation responses, study resources, and worship and prayer resources.   


CONVERSATION WELCOME - Exploring the future of the UK after the EU Referendum
The Referendum result has left some mourning the loss of an important identity while others are delighted by the opportunities that lie ahead.  Many are uncertain about what the future holds.  Our new resource is designed to encourage conversation exploring the important underlying questions:
- What kind of society do we want for future generations?
- How should we treat others?
- How should we use resources?
- How should we make decisions? 

Find out more at our one-day workshop on Thursday 27th April, 10.00 am - 3.30 pm at Queens Road Baptist Church, Coventry CV1 3EG.  Take part in a sample session, hear more about the theological and missional context of the resource and learn about the work of the Joint Public Issues Team.  Find out more and book a place here


A PLACE TO CALL HOME?  Six bible studies on a range of issues around housing  here

Elections for local councils will be taking place in many communities on 4 May.  Download the resource from the Scottish Churches' Parliamentary Office and the Joint Public Issues Team.

FRACKING:  a briefing for our Churches  here

Public Issues Calendar
Listing of designated Sundays/Weeks with web links for resources. 
JPIT calendar 2017

Church and Society Resolutions to United Reformed Church General Assembly

Searching for what the URC said when on xyz?  This document contains all the Church and Society resolutions from 1973 onwards.  

United Reformed Church Policies

General Assembly 2016 adopted a new Environmental Policy.  Work is now beginning on ways to implement the Policy throughout the URC. 

Ethical Investment Policy adopted by the General Assembly in 2010.
Ethical Investment Policy Statements 2010-2015

End of life issues

Assisted Dying
Full report and resolution exploring the issues, considered by General Assembly in 2007.
Summary version including study guide. 

... A Time to Die
Resource pack on end of life issues produced in 2003.